God Loves Her, Too -Abundance (1.5.3)

Copyright Tam Black 2018
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Guiding Thought

I fill my mind and heart with Love, aligning with the Light of Truth. Steadfast and focused on my own Loving Presence, I live in the peace of fulfillment of my own Divine Identity.


When I was an adolescent, going through a particularly rough period of time, I prayed…and prayed…and prayed. I did not pray to be changed; I did not pray for my situation to be alleviated; I did not pray for some thing to happen; I did not pray even so much for “help”.  I prayed to Know God; I prayed to Know the Truth; I prayed for understanding.

One night, during this time period, I felt the most overwhelming love that I have ever felt. It was warm, surrounding, permeating; it was the only thing in that moment that existed; it was assurance, kindness, and compassion. I knew God loved me. That was all that mattered.

I’ve never felt that love in quite the same way since then, but it was so powerful, all I have to do is remember it, and I know: God loves me.

There have been other times, when I have felt (almost) this kind of love toward other people. The most memorable was that I was at one of those rest stops on a turnpike; I walked in to the crowded atrium, and from nowhere, I saw streams of golden light shining down on everyone, and I was overwhelmed with love for them–everyone.

These are unique situations, but I think they are a taste of what we–the human race–are moving toward. We are moving toward knowing how loved we are, and feeling love for everyone.

Since we and I are not there yet, I have to work at remembering. I work at cultivating that feeling, that knowing, that understanding. Nothing replaces the real thing, but I’d rather be working toward it than away from it.

I have to remember that God loves everyone in the same way that I felt on that night as a disturbed adolescent. God loves everyone exactly like that: warm, surrounding, permeating, assuring, and kind. No one is excluded.

This is why this part of the Guiding Thought meant a lot to me today: Steadfast and focused on my own Loving Presence.

I have to remember.

God loves everyone.

Even those I am not readily inclined to love…God loves them, too. He loves them the exact same way he loves me. And I can, too…

It really helps that I had the experience of loving all those people at the turnpike rest area. I know that my own Loving Presence is the way by which I am able to love, as God loves me. I know I can do it, when I align with Truth, with Love. 

I’ve been feeling tiny little bits of it lately. I was at a grocery store the other day, and one of the customer service people helped me, and I just felt so much love for him, beyond being thankful that he was able to help me!

I love cultivating love. It’s work. But it’s good work.

Love to you, dear one.



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