The Most Sense -Abundance (1.5.8)

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Guiding Thought

My mind and heart focus entirely on the Divine Presence I Am. I think, I speak, and I act in accordance with Divine Will, releasing Divine Substance into all my activity and all my financial affairs.


What if there were no lessons to learn?
What if there were no issues to “deal with” to grow?
What if there was only gratitude for the grace of being and service simply because it’s what makes the most sense?
This is the future. This is now. This is the direction of the human race; this is our potential right now.
Just drop everything that is not of gratitude or service. Allow the grace of being to direct you. Then in gratitude, offer your service to the grace of being, for giving you the Grace of Being.
Stop trying to make things happen. Stop trying to figure out the meaning of everything. Stop second-guessing yourself. Stop wondering why things aren’t working out “the way they’re ‘supposed’ to”. Stop predicting what you think someone else is going to do. Stop beating yourself up. Stop under-appreciating your contribution. Stop undervaluing yourself.┬áStop wondering when it will end, or when things will be different.
It will be different when you are different.
Just drop everything that is not of gratitude or service. That makes the most sense.