Direct Relationship -Abundance (1.5.14)

Copyright Tam Black 2018
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Guiding Thought

Divine Love is infinite. Therefore, your Source and Supply are infinite. As you increase your consciousness of your Inner Divine-Love Presence as your Source and your Supply, money, wealth, and prosperity increase in your life experience.  Use that money, wealth, and prosperity to fully express your Inner Divine-Love Presence.


This is one way I have conceived of abundance–as a merry-go-round of how abundance increases with the increase of love, service, and loving creation:

Graphic made for
Susan Billmaier “Journey of Abundance” 2015
use only by permission

This graphic definitely captures the essential nature of all aspects of abundance, which work together to create a revolving flow: first, we must maintain loving thoughts, then serve people from that place of love; as we serve more people, money flows to us, which we then must use to support what is loving in our lives, and what increases our loving thoughts.

I feel like there is another way to conceive this flow, which arises out of today’s Guiding Thought: 

This second graphic emphasizes the relationship between Divine Love and My Inner Divine-Love Presence. That relationship is the only thing emphasized in this graphic, because in this conception, this relationship is the only thing that matters.

It’s the “seek ye first” graphic. If 100% of a person’s time, energy, attention, will, drive, focus is on Divine Love, then what will be returned (the “flow” returned), will be Love, and will strengthen and build that person’s Inner Divine-Love Presence.

You might be asking, “what about abundance…where does the money come in, where does the flow of money happen in this second graphic”?

That is the beauty in the simplicity of this second graphic. When a person focuses on Divine Love, money, wealth, prosperity take on the form of whatever is needed at the time to increase Divine Love’s Presence. This means that as a person focuses on Divine Love, everything, every moment is a tool that Divine Love uses to increase Itself in that person’s life.

A person’s consciousness is how they actually use that Divine Love–this is the way their own consciousness conceives of Divine Love. When that person uses money to increase Divine Love, that person will see a greater flow of money. If that person uses friendship to increase Divine Love, that person will see an increase in friendships. If a person recognizes Divine Love through service opportunities, they will experience more service opportunities. How each person uses the Divine Love that flows to them is how Divine Love will appear as form.

This second graphic also–very subtly–emphasizes faith and trust. Without needing to think about money, or wealth, or abundance, this second graphic presumes the return of the Divine Love, in a form that can be utilized. There is no need to think (worry) about money. Have faith that a relationship with Divine Love will bring all goodness, support, nourishment, fulfillment.


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