Any suggestions? -Abundance (1.5.16)

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Guiding Thought

Increasing your thoughts of Love and your attitude of service dispels all fear of lack and limitation. As you serve more people with Love, money and wealth flow abundantly to you. Use money and wealth with Love and Wisdom to create a life you love through your highest vision.


So far on this Journey, I’ve been really geared toward Love and Grace as the only real abundance that matters (see days 8 and 9).

And I believe this, really I do.

Here’s where it gets difficult for me, personally: Money pays my living expenses. Without money, I encounter a lot of discomfort in my living situation–my eating situation, in my bill-paying situation, in my shelter/clothing/transportation situation.

So, until I evolve to a point where I can materialize anything I need in a moment, I need money.

Herein lies some inner-tension for me: I am not sure how to charge money for spiritual services. These Journeys are spiritual services; they are a tool to increase spiritual awareness, to increase personal connection with the Inner Divine, and to deepen one’s relationship with your higher self. These Journeys are all laid out for you, so you can take them yourself, or just follow along (not as effective though!). I’ve made a commitment to keep the Journeys on this site free and available.

The focus of the Guiding Thought is all True, all right on, Love and an attitude of service open one to abundance; serving more people opens the flow of abundance; using money with Love and Wisdom to create a life of Love only increases abundance. There’s nothing not right about any of that.

still have a disconnect, though. To be fair, I’ve been working on this disconnect for a long…long time. In some ways all I want to do is live a non-material life–a life of Spirit. I feel like that is my true-self, my reality. Being a physical human being in some ways makes no sense to me, I don’t understand it, I care about it only to the extent that I can be spiritual in my physical form.

These Journeys have helped me a lot with that too, by the way. I have a way of really bringing the spiritual into the material on a daily basis, consistently. I can relax and just do the Journeys, and know that I am bringing the spiritual into the material…and that’s all I need to do.

I’m hoping to work out this “problem” for myself. I am hoping soon to bridge the gap between my love of service and the material usefulness of money.

Any suggestions? Does anyone else feel this tension I’m describing?

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