Imagine the Possibilities -Abundance (1.5.18)

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Guiding Thought

Focus your mind and heart entirely on the Divine Presence you are.  You think, you speak, and you act in accordance with Divine Will, which releases Divine Substance into all your activity and orders all your financial affairs.


Just the other day I learned from a friend that all she’s ever wanted to be is a wife and mother. She’s 26, and had her share of ups and downs with men, and the questioning, doubting, self-effacing scenarios that go with any break-up, but are compounded with “bad” break-ups. Needless to say, she was a bit down about her prospects for a time.

About a year ago (she was single at the time), she made a decision. She was going to act, everyday, as though she is the woman she will be on her wedding day. (What a clear and relate-able way to talk about being-becoming! Thank you!)

The qualities that she decided to embody were things like integrity, care, love, support, deep fulfillment.

So for the past year, she has been being those qualities: waking up in the morning reminding herself to be those qualities; approaching every situation as the person who loves and is loved, is caring and cared-for, is supported and supportive, who lives a life of integrity and fulfillment; going to bed, reflecting on where she excelled, and where she fell short and committing to do better the next day.

This story is the perfect parallel to the Guiding Thought. Though, instead of acting everyday as the woman or man you would want to be on your wedding day, think of acting everyday as though you already are your own Divine Presence. Embody it! Be it! Become It.

What would those qualities be? How would you act? How would you respond to people? How would your voice sound? What ideas would you have? How would your posture be? How would you be?

I wish I could tell you that the end of my friend’s story is that her boyfriend proposed to her, and she has a wedding date….that would be a perfect ending to this, but no. She has not had a steady boyfriend over the past year.

Until now. Yes. They have been good friends for several years, and now he’s moving here from more than 1500 miles away, for unrelated reasons. But those unrelated reasons brought him here!!! OH the possibilities.

And imagine the possibilities that will open up when you decide to embody your Divine Presence.



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