Relax, Just Do It. -Abundance (1.5.25)

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Guiding Thought

Our Inner Divine-Love Presence Knows what we need or desire before we do. It is constantly providing us with ideas, material goods, situations, and interactions to fulfill all our needs and desires. We relax and allow the Presence Within to supply us with everything we need.


Relaxing does not mean doing nothing.

Relaxing means being in tune with Divine Presence, so that all right activity is relaxing.

This is the litmus test. How relaxed are you as you move through your life? How relaxed are you working on this project or that idea? How easily do ideas come to you which energize you to take action–actions which then maintain or increase that energy, not decrease it?

When doing is easy and relaxing, we are allowing the supply. If doing is a struggle, or difficult, there is some piece within that is out of touch, out of harmony, not in step with the flow of Divine Presence.

Remember to breathe. Take care of yourself. Take time to get (and stay) in touch with the Divine. This, too, is relaxing. See the connection (taking care of yourself…allowing the Divine…)?