True Wealth -Abundance (1.5.26)

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Increasing our thoughts of Love and our attitude of service dispels all fear of lack and limitation. As we serve more people with Love, money and wealth flow abundantly to us. We use money and wealth with love and wisdom to create lives we love through our highest vision.


“If everyone works diligently and with love, there will be peace throughout the world.” ~Haidakhan Baba

What is True Wealth? What is Real Abundance?

Did you know that it’s estimated that about 5 million people die each year due to unclean drinking water?

One out of six children — roughly 100 million — in developing countries is underweight. Poor nutrition causes nearly half (45%) the deaths in children under age five – 3.1 million children each year.

Each year, over 1.6 million people worldwide lose their lives to violence. Violence is among the leading causes of death for people aged 15–44 years worldwide.

The Four Noble Truths of Buddha Dharma states 1) as a human, there is suffering in life. 2) The good news is that we can understand the causes of that suffering and 3) that suffering has an end. 4) we find the end of suffering through the path of living ethically, meditating, and developing wisdom.

Suffering can end. Real wealth and abundance is the Peace at the end of suffering.

We can find practical solutions to end human suffering. There are solutions even now. We must serve each other, all over the earth, to relieve suffering. There is no Peace until there is Peace for all.


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