The Simplest Wealth -Abundance (1.5.30)

Copyright Tam Black 2018
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Guiding Thought

The Divine Presence of Love is the most natural energy in the world and beyond. Through the wisdom of Love, we understand Love as True wealth and an expression of our Divine nature, to be cultivated in consciousness, expressed, and shared. Our Love is infinite. Our wealth is infinite. We realize this as our reality and circulate wealth with joy and gratitude.


So much of this Journey–this time around–hones-in on beyond material abundance. It’s not about money. It’s not about stuff. It’s not about getting.

It’s about intangible, ethereal feelings, energies, and vibrations: Love.

It’s about what is already within: Love.

It’s about solutions to needs, wants, desires: Love.

It’s about fulfillment: the realization of Love. 

The answers are right here to be found by looking right here, in your heart. Open to It. Want It. Allow It. Give It.

Love is that simple.

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