Swaha! -Abundance (1.5.32)

Copyright Tam Black 2018
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Guiding Thought

I choose to expand my consciousness and open my heart to Divine Love’s flow within me. Realizing my own Divine Presence, I know God as the Source and Fulfillment of all my good.


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This is the (approximate) image that I have had lately about opening my heart.

It’s a bit corny for a spiritual journey, I know.

I see myself ripping open my chest, to expose my (energy) heart, as though it is growing too large for my chest to contain.

On the one hand, I have been feeling bombarded by emotion–some of which is “mine”, but a lot of it feels like it’s coming through me from the past, from my relatives, from other people, from the very air.

The emotion that is “mine” generally has to do with my relationship with God, and doing what S/He wants me to do: being assured that I am on the right path. These emotions generally are connected with letting go of ego/the lower self. It doesn’t matter what the specific emotion is (doubt, anger, confusion, etc), the overarching feeling is a ripping away. Imagine a child not wanting to go >wherever< and being dragged by the parent. That child is my lower self, the parent is God.

Despite all my asking for spiritual evolution, there are still parts of me (the child…) which cannot seem to let go, that want to stay stuck.


It’s only because of my persistent, consistent, heartfelt, sincere, intention and determination to evolve spiritually, that I am being blessed with this dragging-away of my lower self.

It does not always feel like a blessing, but it is.

The emotions that are not mine, sometimes take me a while to identify as not mine. I’ll be feeling an emotion intensely (most recently: lost, alone, unloved, confused about why I am not loved, not taken care of…), and at the same time thinking, “what is this?” because these emotions are not familiar to me–you know what I’m talking about? There are emotions that you are used to, patterns, if you will, that when you have them, you know what they are, and you know why you have them, so….no surprise. These emotions were a surprise. When I looked at them more closely, I realized they did not originate within me (i.e. this physical body, this personality as it has grown up as “me”), but I could see a family pattern of these emotions. So I did some ancestral healing.

The main thing I’ve been focusing on, to continue to open my heart, despite the intensity and tumultuous emotions is saying/thinking, “Swaha” or “Not mine, Yours”… in other words, giving everything to God. Continuously. Keeping my heart open to allow the flow, giving everything up, opening to more flow.

It really is a blessing….

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