Journey’s at an End -Abundance (1.5.40)

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Guiding Thought

The Divine Presence of Love is the most natural energy in the world and beyond. Through the wisdom of Love, I understand Love as True wealth as an expression of my Divine nature, to be cultivated in my consciousness, expressed, and shared. My love is infinite. My wealth is infinite. I realize this as my reality and circulate wealth with joy and gratitude.


Welcome to day 40! How are you doing? How did you do?

As for me, I feel like everything in the Journey came together today–and it was as though I was hit with the full force of a tidal wave. I’m emotionally exhausted and wiped out! thank goodness today is day 40, and I can take a bit of time to recover.

It’s funny…I did not think the previous 39 days were all that strenuous. I was just doing the work, plodding along like I always do. The potential energy must have been building each day, though, and it released today as moving energy, and it shifted me big time.

The big themes, in brief:

  1. Revisiting old lessons in a new way.
  2. What do I really want?
  3. Getting down to a new layer of the “onion”
  4. What is abundance? How do I receive and give abundance, if I don’t a) know what it is and b) first feel abundant?
  5. Related to #5: How do I give and receive caring/sustenance/nurturing if I don’t a) know what they are and b) first feel them?

Revisiting old lessons in a new way. 

This is the spiral: we are always learning the same lessons until we no longer need to learn that lesson…then it just drops away. We are always returning to the lesson. But not like a cycle or circle, because we never return to the same point on the diameter. Between points, we traverse a slightly inclined path, which traces a spiral. We return to the same point, but on a diameter just above the one we last visited.

What do I really want

This is the lesson I have been revisiting. What I really want is Divine Truth (Om Tat Sat; Hari Om Tat Sat), and to Be That Truth, so that all of my expressions (mental/physical/emotional) are That Truth.

What the lesson this time has reminded me is that when I want something that is Truth, or is of Truth, Truth burns away anything unlike itself. Sometimes Truth is gentle, burning away those things in my consciousness or in my bodies that oppose It. Sometimes It leads me gently down a meandering path, and I suddenly find myself in a sunlit meadow. Sometimes It sends a tidal wave to bowl me over.

The other thing that I am reminded of is that I ask for this. I want this. It may be draining and exhausting sometimes, but above all else…I want Divine Truth.

Getting down to a new layer of the “onion”

This contemplation work of ascending up the spiral is emotional…it’s mental…and sometimes those things have physical ramifications (like today, how wiped out I feel). But the work of digging in to the mental/emotional layers is what peels back that layer.

Sometimes the layers come off easily. Sometimes you are working on something from a different angle (like during a Journey of Gratitude, you realize how gratitude brings with it an openness to abundance!). And from that angle, the emotional work is like a light sandpaper, barely perceptible. But then sometimes, the work hits you hard, like a chisel, and a whole section of layer breaks off. Guess which happened today? [I know you are wondering what sand paper and chisel have to do with an onion metaphor…for all you grammar gals and guys, I apologize for my mixed metaphor).

What is abundance? How do I receive and give abundance, if I don’t a) know what it is and b) first feel abundant?

Related to #5: How do I give and receive caring/sustenance/nurturing if I don’t a) know what they are and b) first feel them?

I’ll address these two together, because at their core, they are similar.

Here’s what I realized today: In today’s world, we do not know what abundance Truly is. We do not live it, we do not understand it. The same with caring/nurturing/sustaining. These are all qualities of the Divine Feminine, which have been lost over the eons.

There used to be a time, when the earth (as Divine Mother) completely provided for, cared for, nurtured, and sustained her children.

At that time, people would pray and make offerings with such pure love and gratitude! They were able to do this so purely, because every day they were having the experience of having all their needs fulfilled.

Then people distorted the Divine Feminine, and the Divine Masculine. Instead of being two energies that worked together in perfect union (Sri Bhagavati Sametha Sri Bhagavate Namaha) to provide all for all, one became “dominant” and overpowered the other. The one that was overpowered receded, and with it all nurturing, care, sustenance.

Now this has deteriorated into people so disconnected from care, nurturing, and love that everyone is inwardly screaming, and praying for help, to be saved, to have this suffering removed.

There is nothing the Divine Mother wants more than to provide for us, to care for us, to give us abundant lives. But we must correct our distortions. We must invite Her back. We must begin again to give thanks for the abundance that She supplies.

Our approach is so important. She’s waiting for our loving approach, so that she may shower us with everything that withdrew when She became oppressed.

Few people alive today know the true meaning of abundance, caring, sustenance, or nurturing. Few people feel Truly abundant. Few people can Truly give. But we must begin to recapture what was lost, so that we may bring it forth again in the world. We must bring attitudes of abundance, care, nurture forth to each other, to the best of our ability, and Divine Mother will use our ability to provide that much more for us. Then we must thank the mother for those provisions, and we must do it again, and again, and again.

The Journey is ended! I hope you feel accomplished, as I do. I will see you here again in a few days for the afterword. Then, we begin Journey of Fulfillment!

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