Why -Fulfillment (1.6.0)

Welcome to Journey of Fulfillment!

I have not recently put these Journeys in a larger context. Everyone must decide for themselves why they choose to do any one of these Journeys– to elevate their consciousness, to receive greater abundance or health, to open the heart, to practice gratitude, or to understand fulfillment… All together, the Journeys have a Higher Purpose–and that Purpose is why I do these Journeys one after another after another, the slow steady walk on the Path of Higher Purpose.

These Journeys are my ascension path. This is me walking daily with and toward awareness, understanding, and knowledge, through Truth, Simplicity, Love, and Service. Through these Journeys, I remain aware of my highest ideals, my Highest Purpose; each day is a step upward in and to transcendence.

What is your ascension path? Do you know? Are you looking for it? What are the pieces of your personal puzzle right now?  (Really….I’m interested. comment, email me…let’s connect.)

Everyone has an ascension path. Some paths need to be uncovered/discovered, some need to be mapped, some just need to be walked. What are you doing right now, daily, to accomplish your own ascension? Even though many are working on your behalf for this purpose, their work will only get you so far. No one is going to ascend for you.

Why do I do these Journeys, 40 days after 40 days after 40 days? For my ascension–and to whatever degree possible, for yours too. We’re in this together.

Let’s go!


This is the first of two preliminary days, before we begin the 40 days of contemplation. This is the day to reflect on Why you want to do a Journey of Fulfillment; at least, this is the time that I reflect about why I am on this contemplative Journey, and perhaps you will find some inspiration for your own Journey.

Lately, my worldly “wants”, “needs”, “desires” have been greatly reduced.

My gratitude has increased significantly.

My buoyancy has increased. I smile a lot for “no reason”.

I’ve been feeling solid and steadfast in my practices: the practices have become the reward.

I’ve been feeling confident that Truly All is well and Everything happens in Its time. It’s more than “I need do nothing” (ACIM Lessons 136 and 337); it’s that I must do nothing. In order for Divine Perfection to work in Its time, I need not interfere: I must do nothing, and in doing nothing All is well. Everything is fulfilled.

This, then, is Why a Journey of Fulfillment: Because All is fulfilled. All is filled full. I must do nothing. I have no goal, no sense for accomplishment, no want, no desire, beyond recognizing what is.

Fulfillment is. 


These Journeys are always available on this site at no charge. If you would like the benefit of a Spiritual Coach (me), you may sign up for a personalized Journey with me. Walk your path to ascension. Click here for more information.

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