Indefatigable -Fulfillment (1.6.2)

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Guiding Thought

I now invite, welcome, and receive the effects of Divine Love, and I am Truly grateful. I experience Divine Mind as I experience these effects, and Divine Presence confirms Itself in my life, activities and affairs.


Wow. So, again… I did not peek ahead, when I wrote, “My gratitude has increased significantly”. But what I wrote several days ago is completely consistent with the momentum of the Guiding Thought.

The gratitude that I have been feeling has been all about the effects of Divine Love…. here’s how it has come through my thoughts:

What am I? Divine Love. 

How do I exist? Through Divine Love.

What sustains me? Divine Love.

What do I want? To express Divine Love as my natural state. 

In a peaceful, meditative state, I would be thinking these thoughts. Then, as I was contemplating my existence in, through, and as Divine Love, I intentionally turned my gratitude to Divine Love, with a thought such as, “Thank you for my being”. or “Thank You sustaining me”. or “thank you for my Life”. etc.

This meditation/frame of mind became very intense for me the weeks September 3 through the week of September 10. I could feel what the Guiding Thought describes: “I experience Divine Mind as I experience these effects, and Divine Presence confirms Itself in my life, activities and affairs.” 

I felt bold, sustained, supported, radiant, clear, optimistic, happy….all “that stuff”.

And you know what happened? Other people saw it too. But the reaction was not all happy and “positive”.

I’ve been told that “the dark is attracted to the light”, because the dark cannot abide the light, and it tries to extinguish it.

Light purges, transforms, and lifts everything around It. When Light encounters dark, (sometimes) the dark rails against the clarifying, purging, transforming action of the Light.

People who have a lot of “lower consciousness vibration”–that is, thoughts of self-loathing or hatred, thoughts of harm and destruction, thoughts of greed, jealousy, envy, etc cannot stand when people shine with a higher vibration.

In practical terms: This means, for example, the people who are stuck in their habits, who enjoy their ego-centrism, or who want to remain in the dark, create disturbances, “problems”, and turmoil, for people in the Light. The people with lower consciousness attempt to throw the Light off-balance, to subdue It, to disrupt the healing, transforming effects of the Light. These things come out in their personality and in their interactions.

That is what happened to me. I had one person who overheard a conversation I was having, and decided that I was speaking inappropriately (I was having a conversation about religion/mentoring and spiritual direction!), and complained; there was another person who singled me out as a target for something other people do all the time; and finally a third person (literally) decided in advance that something was going to be a severe problem, even when the exact same situation had not been a problem a mere four months ago (and decided to tell me how to handle this “problem” in an email). All of this happened within a 72 hour period, and it was when I was definitely feeling the flow of the Light.

In my experience, such lower-vibration people aren’t even aware of what is setting them off, or triggering them.  How did I handle it? “This too shall pass”. For the most part, when something like that flares up, it burns out quickly. I tend to only engage that energy when it is absolutely necessary, and do so with as much love, gratitude, and understanding as I can (which isn’t always a lot!). Mostly, I leave it be–without fuel, people’s projections have nowhere to go, they fizzle out. When that happens, it becomes very clear how flimsy the projection was to begin with.

It does affect me, though. I’ve been recuperating for about a week. I have not been able to get back into the flow of my Divine Light, like I was–so in a way, I suppose they succeeded…they subdued my progress.

But not for long! I am indefatigable. I am here to shine Light. I am here to Be Love. I am here to transform darkness into Light. And there is a lot of work to do.


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