Extension of Reality -Fulfillment (1.6.6)

Copyright Tam Black 2018
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Guiding Thought

Why would I choose to limit my Self? To limit my reality? All of reality is mine, and mine to give! In giving and sharing, my joy increases, expanding my Love, expanding Life!


The first sentence today is both rhetorical and impossible.

It’s rhetorical because the obvious answer/response is: I wouldn’t choose to limit myself. 

It’s impossible because your Self cannot be limited by you, by anyone.

This goes back to the discussion on day four and difference between “you” and “You”–your lower (personality) self, and your Higher (Divine) Self.

“You” (your lower, personality self), can try to limit your Self. And it can succeed in your experience of It, but not in the reality of It. You experience your Higher Self through the filters your lower self has put into place. Your lower self dictates its own experience of your Higher Self, and since it is both the developer, architect, and construction worker, it also puts into place the idea that it (your lower self) is the reality of you. Then it believes what it has made.

Once you begin to make decisions that recognize the reality of You (i.e. once you begin to wake up to the Truth of your Self), you begin to see where the lower self has made decisions about your experience of the Reality of your Higher Self without you even knowing it. This is “how” you can think that you can limit yourself.

The Truth is: All of reality is yours, and is You. That is…Real reality, not the so-called reality that your lower self has developed and constructed as its own kingdom that it rules.

The way you prove the reality of your Self is by giving and sharing it. You cannot give something you do not have. You have everything in Reality. You can give everything in reality without sacrifice to either your self or your Self (but your self can feel threatened  by lack and limitation, scarcity and not-having enough).

When you give and share from Reality, your joy increases, and expands your Love, expanding Life! This is because you are sharing what is Real, what is Constructive, what is created in Love, with Love, by Love, for Love.


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