Where do you stand? -Fulfillment (1.6.16)

Copyright Tam Black 2018
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Guiding Thought

Why would you choose to limit yourself? To limit your reality? All reality is yours, and yours to give. In giving and sharing, your Joy increases, expanding Love, expanding your experience of Life!


I have moments of being in love with some of the people I work with. Now is one of those moments. Every year at this time, I initiate a project and connect via email with about 75 people…we work on the project for about 7 months via email,  then go our separate ways until this time again next year. I’ve just sent that initiating email, and begun the re-connections. Each and every one of these people is so dear to me–so gracious, kind, and caring. I just love them ALL.

This is just one area of my work-life. Not all my work-related relationships are like this. I still work in an office-atmosphere full of ego and lower-minded pettiness–most of which I do well to avoid (keep my head down…do my job). The contrast is clear to me, though–what is possible, vs. what lower-minded-ego-assertion creates.

The first (loving my colleagues) is full of mutual respect, good/positive communication, caring about the work, cooperation, and a sense of personal responsibility. The second is full of undercutting, backstabbing, non-or-false-communication, competition, and blame.

What is ironic to me is that these are not two separate workplaces. It’s all the same place, just different personalities that create the two atmospheres and experiences.

It only takes a few lower-minded-ego personalities to depress the morale of a place…but it also only takes a few higher-minded, loving, positive personalities to raise it.

Most people are not one or the other. Most people are neutral, and just go with the dominant energy-force, swayed by whatever is in front of them Most people are asleep. Zombies. Unaware that they have a choice.

But everyone has a choice–and more and more people are waking up to that every day. The balance is shifting. More and more people are tired of the Debbie-downers, the competitive personalities that want to win, which means smashing anyone in their path.

I heard a great phrase today: be committed to the process, not to the result.

People who are committed to a result are usually committed to it because they see that result as something that is good for themselves, not for a group, not for another. The result they seek is selfish and self-serving.

People who are committed to a process encourage each other, share with each other, learn from each other–and use those dynamics to unfold a result, rather than impose a result.

So much more is possible with an unfolding–anything can happen, the possibilities are endless.

Do you see, in this extended example how love opens up interaction, communication, and relationships, and how ego-mindedness shuts it down? Do you see how people limit themselves when they don’t choose love? Do you see the possibilities that open up when people bring cooperation, good will, and helpfulness to work, and to relationships? Do you see how joy increases with love, how your experience of Life can increase with Love?

More and more people are waking up. More and more people are noticing the difference in a workplace when there is cooperation, or when there is competition. More and more people are choosing to be positive, to be uplifting, to not just go with the flow of the de-moralizers.

Where are you?

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