Invite Everyone to Be the Light You Are -Fulfillment (1.6.20)

Copyright Tam Black 2018
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Guiding Thought

You are light. Your Body is light. You are free. You know your fulfillment; you feel it rise within you and expand out from you.


Today is an exercise in evolution. It’s an exercise in growing beyond your current body / physical limits.

You are not your body. You are light. Your body is not your body. Your body is light.

Light is boundless, infinite, everywhere. Can you imagine yourself boundless, infinite, everywhere?

Just one moment, one second. Feel it. Feel your potential; feel your possibility. Feel your reality.

What does it feel like? A surge? A tingle? A flow? Weightlessness? Warmth? Glowing? All-encompassing peace?

All of the above?

You can feel it now, can’t you? Even if it’s just the tiniest twinge…you feel it and you are aware of feeling it.

You know your fulfillment. This is it. This is yours. This is ours. This is where we are headed together.

100% surrounded by, permeated with, enfolded by, emitting light. All the time. Everywhere we go, every thought we think, every action we take.

For a second, a moment, maybe longer, we were there together. Let’s do this more often! Think yourself Light as often as you can; do it in the presence of others, inviting them in (with your heart, if not with words).

Invite your friends, family, loved ones, the entire family of humanity!

Until every moment. every second we are all in that Light as One.

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