And So It Is -Fulfillment (1.6.22)

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Guiding Thought

We now invite, welcome, and receive the effects of Divine Love, and we are truly grateful.

We experience Divine Mind as we experience these effects, and allow Divine Presence to confirm itself in our lives, activities, and affairs.


There is more than a little faith necessary when affirming such statements as the Guiding Thought today.

How do I recognize the effects of Divine Love?
How does Divine Love operating in my life feel
How do I know?

Funny…in previous years, I would have (perhaps) felt this as doubt or skepticism. Look how far I’ve come! Now, it’s faith.

I’ve been doing a meditation for a couple of years that uses phrases such as, “and so it is” or “I now accept and know”.

For a long time I had a similar (skeptical-doubtful) comportment to those phrases as to the Guiding Thought: How can I say that something is “so” if I don’t see it? How can I say “I accept and know” something that I don’t know that I accept and know?

For a long time, doing these meditations, saying these phrases, I questioned, I doubted. Much like I used to do here.

But I realized

  • it’s not worth the effort. All that doubt, all that questioning, all that wondering. If I am going to spend that kind of effort, why not spend it confirming the positives in the meditation (or Guiding Thought) rather than feeding the uncertainties?
  • the point is: there is a part of me that does know. That does feel the Divine Presence. That is aware of experiencing the effectsIn affirming, “it is so” or “we receive the effects of Divine Love”, I am affirming the Truth. The more I can affirm the Truth–with faith, if not with certainty, the more I will recognize it when it comes along.

I don’t have to have evidence to quell the doubting Thomas, or to silence the skeptic. Now, I just know that a part of me knows exactly what the words mean. I know that the words are True, that Divine Love is always working in my life.

I still don’t always recognize it. But having faith in the Truth, and in my eventual full consciousness is enough. And I can say with confidence, “it is so”.


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