“Do This in Remembrance of Me” -Fulfillment (1.6.25)

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Guiding Thought

In Divine Mind, we are filled full! All are equally filled full. All are equal in Love. We fill our minds with thoughts of fulfillment and remember what we already know. We are determined to fulfill our purpose, to know our Self as Divine Love, and to share the fullness we are.

This day, first Journey of Fulfillment, 2014
This day, second Journey of Fulfillment, 2016
One year ago–
 What a Difference 10 Days Make: Journey of Peace 2017– Day 22



I don’t know about you, but I am determined to fulfill my purpose. I am determined to know my Self–to remember my Self– as Divine Love, and to do whatever is necessary to know my fulfillment.

I’m passed the stage of looking for the path, for looking for the right tools to get me where I want to go. I am on the path, and I have the tools that will get me there. Or, if I don’t have the tools now, I am confident that other tools will come at an appropriate time.

I’m also passed a lot of the questioning, passed a lot of the doubt, a lot of the fear.

I used to worry often that I “wasn’t doing enough”. I don’t do that anymore. I have certain things that I just do–daily, weekly–and as long as I do those things, I stay ahead of my worry, and I stay “primed”, so to say, in my relationship with my Divine Self, and with God.

I used to have recurring doubt and skepticism. I don’t have those anymore. I have a lot of faith and confidence that I am where I am supposed to be, and that all is as it should be. Even recently, I have been feeling “stuck”, feeling like I should be doing something different, and I always return to a balance point of, “no, this is where I am supposed to be; everything will change when and as it’s supposed to”. This has sometimes been very hard– as in not giving in to a bad habit hard. Doing something, anything has been a habit of distraction, taking me away from listening within, being in the silence, allowing the silence to lead. Although I have been able to prevent myself from doing something for the sake of doing something, I have still felt the impulse, and needed to talk myself down.

I used to compare what I wanted, and where I wanted to be–where I thought I should be–with where I am. They never matched up. I was never as far along as I thought I should be; I was not seeing the results that I thought I “should” be seeing. I don’t do that anymore. Who am I to try to know the mind of God, or God’s plan for my activity in the world? This is a result of doing a lot of work with surrender and letting go.

I would not be as “relaxed” about all of this if it weren’t for staying highly attuned with my Divine Self and having confidence in my relationship with God.

You see, to achieve a spiritual goal, I have needed to let go of all of training about how to achieve something. One cannot attain a spiritual goal using the tools one has learned to achieve material goals. I can’t set a goal, make a list of tasks, plan out a reverse-calendar, then start doing those tasks, checking off the boxes, with each check mark saying, “ok, you’re one step closer”.

With a spiritual goal, it’s not what the tasks are that matter, it’s what I bring to each one. How aware am I? How much love do I consciously bring to every task? How often do I remember to thank God for the Grace of Life? How clear and pure do I keep my mind, my thoughts? How much devotion do I feel as I do every little thing?

With a spiritual goal, every action is a “task” toward that goal, but the check marks only come when I can say, “yes, I did this thinking of God” or “yes, I did that feeling love in my heart”, or “I remembered unity and harmony as I did that”.

This is relatively new for me. All my actions now–to the best of my ability– are devotions to God. Every action is a step on the spiritual path, a step closer to the goal of knowing/remembering my Self, when I do it with awareness and remembrance of the Divine.




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