National Grouch Day -Fulfillment (1.6.26)

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Why would we choose to limit ourselves? To limit reality? All reality is ours and ours to give. In giving and sharing, Joy increases, expanding Love, expanding our experience of LIFE!

This day, first Journey of Fulfillment, 2014
This day, second Journey of Fulfillment, 2016
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Peace, Claim It!: Journey of Peace 2017– Day 23


Did you know that today is National Grouch Day?  Inspired by the Grouch of Grouches, this is a day to celebrate that little bit (or lot) of grouch within. Image result for national grouch day

I am not a grouchy person. At all. When I woke up this morning I did not know it was National Grouch day, but I was totally in tune with it, oddly enough. When I got to work, I confessed to several people that I felt “grouchy”–and I used that word specifically, rejecting “cranky” for it. What was funny to me, was that (and this was still all before I learned it is actually National Grouch day) the people I confessed my grouchiness to, replied in kindThey felt grouchy too!

What was even funnier is that once we started admitting it, we were laughing about it–which is very un-grouchy. It was almost like allowing ourselves to embrace the grouch moved us past the grouch.

I don’t think this would have worked if I were more-often a grouch. If that were the case, I would have been serious about being a grouch. But the way it came out today was more, “can you believe it,  I (of all people) feel grouchy, haaaaaaa”! And we laughed. That’s the kicker, not only did my grouchiness get turned upside down, it was able to turn several other people’s grouchiness upside down.

In an odd twist, I feel like this is the perfect fit for today’s Journey.  I didn’t “limit myself” to “only happy thoughts”; I didn’t suppress the impulse to feel, even if it was the “grouch” in me.  But this very acceptance (and sharing it) expanded joy, and increased my and other people’s experience of life in a positive way.

If you haven’t yet today, embrace your inner grouch! Love your inner grouch! Be your inner grouch! …and laugh and laugh and laugh.


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