Perspective -Fulfillment (1.6.35)

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In Divine Mind, I am filled full! All are equally filled full. All are equal in Love. I fill my mind with thoughts of fulfillment and remember what I already know. I am determined to fulfill my purpose, to know my Self as Divine Love, and to share the fullness I am.


I frequent my local Trader Joe’s. I’m there once a week, at least, and I have met people over the past four years who I would say are friends. Trader Joe’s seems to me to magnetize fascinating people, as workers. They are people who “do other stuff”, but also happen to work at Trader Joe’s.

When Geoffrey Owens was shamefully shamed about working at TJ’s, I thought, “Man, people just don’t understand the TJ’s vibe”. TJ employees–at least the ones I have gotten to know– are people who are totally identified with something more than their J-O-B. They have other things that they do, that they LOVE, that are supported and nurtured through the income they receive from TJ’s.

One of my TJ’s friends moved here from another country to start a church with his wife and children–and that church is thriving. Another friend does Reiki, teaches cooking classes, and is a personal chef. Another one survived cancer. Another is an actor who had a syndicated series, made several appearances on West Wing, and guest starred on Star Trek: Deep Space 9. These are well-rounded people doing things with their lives. Amazing amazing people.

The friend I spoke with today, though…he’s the reason I’m talking about Trader Joe’s.

Before I spoke with him today, I knew he moved here from Nigeria; I knew he played soccer; I knew he still has family in Nigeria, who he is supporting… He is always good-humored, always gives me hugs, always smiling…

And today I got a whole new perspective from this wonderful Nigerian man.

He’s trying to get a job as a corrections officer. I said to him, “I hope you get it…but I would really hope that you could get a job that does not sap the life out of you.”

He smiled, and said,

Noo. Noo. This job could not sap the life out of me (try hearing this with a Nigerian accent). You do not know what I have been through. You do not know what I have seen. For 14-15 years I have seen… from just a child. I was in a line, like this, my mom, my brothers, all in line for interrogation. there were 2 doors. After 5 minutes in interrogation you go out one door, you are shot right there, the other door you go. You don’t know which door…there was a man ahead of me in line. Alive one minute. Dead the next….

I was traveling getting away… a neighbor came to my mother and said…I see a body; I think it’s your son… my mother could not go to identify the body. I came home from travelling. Identified my brother–head cut off. We were like this growing up. I had to identify my brother…

I jumped on a boat to get away. That’s all you can do, get away. They would not let us on the boat, they refused. We were all standing there, and just over there (he points about 200 feet away, across the parking lot), there was the war, fighting, coming closer. The man next to me, standing with his boy on his shoulders, we are all trying to get on the boat and >ping< he is shot. Then >ping< >ping< >ping< people around me are getting shot. I jumped on the boat. [this boat he’s talking about became infamous…read about it here: Ghana Refuses to Take In a Boatload of Liberian Refugees.

I asked him, “How do you keep going? How do you stay motivated after all that”? He said:

You keep moving. You go away. That is all you can do. All these things they make us stronger. We Nigerians, we strive. We get stronger. I believe in God. I could have joined the rebellion and killed innocent people, but I just kept moving, kept getting away. The war would follow…once my neighbor was killed in the middle of the night for no reason, we left the next day. You just keep moving, you strive, you keep going. You get stronger.


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