Eternal Love, Now — Gratitude (2.8.1)

Welcome to Day One of Journey of Gratitude! This is when we start the work of stretching your consciousness so that it can accept BIG ideals, and reflect them in your experience. The big ideals in this case, are the Guiding Thoughts. You simply roll them around in your head for at least 5 minutes, and then write what comes to you.

However, Gratitude is of the heart, not so much of the brain. So, get your creative side flowing and engage with your heart through drawing, coloring, or painting after contemplating the guiding thought. Whatever feels right for you!

Guiding Thought:


Connecting with my heart:


This is all about you and your personal/spiritual growth. It matters less what you write or draw and more about the intention and desire to connect with your Self.

Love and Light to you on the Journey! I am gratful you are here.

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