Love is what It is (Gratitude 2.8.5)

Guiding Thought

Reflection / Contemplation

Remember: Faith is only necessary until you live with and in full awareness, full consciousness of the Truth of the reality of who / what you are. Know your Self as Love, and faith is not necessary as you are confident in your own reality. Then, joy is also your reality, for Love and Joy are not separate. Gratitude follows (simultaneously!) effortlessly.

Your Light is THE Light–Gratitude 2.8.3

Guiding Thought

Reflection / Contemplation

Remember: Either your light is THE Light, or it’s not. There is no in-between, only one or the other. If your light is THE Light, then everyone’s light is THE Light. The Light of Love neither discriminates nor withholds Itself. The Light of Love is equal within All and infinite. And: Your light is THE Light. There is no choice. You are the Love of God. Any doubt, any vacillation, any “in-between” simply shows you where your Light needs to shine.

Eternal Love, Now — Gratitude (2.8.1)

Welcome to Day One of Journey of Gratitude! This is when we start the work of stretching your consciousness so that it can accept BIG ideals, and reflect them in your experience. The big ideals in this case, are the Guiding Thoughts. You simply roll them around in your head for at least 5 minutes, and then write what comes to you.

However, Gratitude is of the heart, not so much of the brain. So, get your creative side flowing and engage with your heart through drawing, coloring, or painting after contemplating the guiding thought. Whatever feels right for you!

Guiding Thought:


Connecting with my heart:


This is all about you and your personal/spiritual growth. It matters less what you write or draw and more about the intention and desire to connect with your Self.

Love and Light to you on the Journey! I am gratful you are here.

Journey of Gratitude–Commitment (2.8.00)

Today is the second preparation day. Yesterday, you thought a bit about why you care about gratitude, what it means to you, why you would like to spend 40 days engaging with it, and perhaps you even wrote about what you would like to accomplish.

Today is the day you commit. This is where you tell the universe that you are serious. You are serious about what it takes to integrate higher levels of love, joy, peace, and good will into your life–through gratitude. You are serious about change, about becoming, about evolving into your best/highest self.

It is less important what words you use, how long you spend thinking about it, or how much you write.

It is more important to feel it, to go within to your own motivation, your own initiative, and claim the vision that you have for yourself of who you truly are, who you are remembering, who you are becoming. This is yours. Write your truth of commitment to your Self.


I declare, with great enthusiasm, excitement, and absolute joy of life, that I am committed to letting Life know how grateful I am for It. I commit to increasing my awareness and understanding of the presence of Life, which is already mine, and to expand my presence of Life through gratitude for It! It is my intention to maintain a constant awareness of the Life that animates me, which I experience through my consciousness– through my awareness. I commit to remembering as often as possible every day to be thankful for the Divine Grace that sustains me.

I am committed to contemplating the Guiding Thoughts for at least 5 minutes each day, and to writing my response.


I dedicate this Journey to Oneness and the Unity of All Life. May each step I take serve to uplift all of humanity; may my thoughts, words, feelings, and actions be a vehicle through which Divine Grace may enter the world to love and serve all life.