Will Love’s Fulfillment- Gratitude 2.8.24

Guiding Thought

Reflection / Contemplation

Most people can’t learn about themselves in isolation. We need stimuli, things that activate us, things that ask us to respond.

This is how we learn, how we grow.

We interact. We think, we feel, we respond.

Whether it’s in person or through a screen, these interactions stimulate us. If we are awake and aware, we are learning through our responses to these interactions.

If we are awake and aware, we are not just reacting, not just engaging our instincts, but rather thinking/feeling in the moment then choosing an appropriate response.

Making a choice distinguishes an instinctual reaction from a response.

Sometimes an instinctual reaction is simply a learned pattern, a habitual reaction.

The more we can be awake and aware in each moment, making the choice to respond, and making that response Love, the more we are demonstrating that we are using the stimuli before us to learn the lesson we came here for: Love.

The more we succeed in this, the more lessons we are given, the more and the faster we learn.

Aren’t you tired of being in reactive instinctual loops that keep bringing you the same stimulus, because you haven’t yet learned that lesson? Isn’t it time to break that cycle? Isn’t it time to progress beyond your current limitations? Isn’t it time to feel more love, more peace?

Want it. Will it. Fulfill it. Its time. The world needs you. We need each other.

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