Let the Bullshit Go. Gratitude 2.8.25

Guiding Thought

When we are aware of our Self of Love, we see the world through new eyes. Love is the Source of all we see, all we experience; it is the very activity of Life itself. We place our faith in the principle of Love and receive with gratitude all our experiences.

Reflection / Contemplation

You are Love first .  Your Self-Love is the building block, the Foundation to everything.

Yes, it’s true that Love generally is the building block for everything, but it is only through your own love for yourself that you can experience any other aspect of Love.

Every challenge, every pain, every point of suffering has roots in lack of self-love, low self-esteem, and low self-worth.

Sure, we can say we love ourselves; intellectually, we can believe it or want to believe it, but if there is any kind of experience of pain, hardship, or suffering, those point toward ingrained, deep-seated beliefs that counteract our own self-love.

You are Love. As love, anything less than perfect fulfillment, is a lie that you have bought into. These lies prevent you from experiencing your Natural State of Beauty, Peace, Harmony, Prosperity. You deserve happiness, a fulfilling relationship, work that inspires you.

You want these things for you; Love wants these things for you.

These lies that prevent your perfect fulfillment can be undone. They are “simply” the result of a bunch of thoughts, words, feelings, and actions that you have accumulated over your lifetime. When you change those patterns, your experience changes too.

How often do you criticize yourself? How often do you judge yourself? How often do you feel you don’t deserve something? When did you first feel rejected, picked on, or vulnerable? Who do you associate with those feelings? Think back…can you remember an experience in your past where those types of thoughts  began?

These types of thoughts early in our life become embedded in our psyche, and some say in our chemical or neural pathways, as well as in our aura.

Because these things are “stuck” in our very make-up, they distort how we perceive what we are experiencing now. Now becomes interpreted through the lens of then. But this is not that; now is not then.

We are on the path to ascension (yes, I am assuming this about you, too). It’s time for us to let the bullshit go. The lies we have told ourselves are now obsolete. We cannot be the Love we are, when we are stuck repeating BS patterns from our past.

The power of the Guiding Thoughts on these Journeys is that they provide an alternative to those lies. This is why contemplating them is so important—in reading, thinking, and feeling the Truth of the Guiding Thoughts, you are feeding your mind/beliefs with ideas of the Truth of You.

When you lift your consciousness to the Truth of who you are all thoughts of failure, loneliness, or rejection dissolve. It is impossible for you to be separate from the Love you are. It is impossible for you to not be Whole and Fulfilled. Lift your consciousness to the Truth of your being. We are One. There is no separation. I am Love; you are Love. The lies cannot be sustained in the Truth of Who you Are. You are the Love you are!

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