We Need You — Gratitude 2.8.27

Guiding Thought

Life is beautiful. There is nothing other than Life. Life is within us; Life pours out from us. Everything everywhere is Life. Life is Being. We are Life. We offer all we are in praise and thanks to all of Life.

Reflection / Contemplation

So much going on in both our inner world and our outer world. We are transforming from within, ascending! …Solar flares and winds are affecting the planet’s atmosphere…Climate change is bringing polar vortexes; fires are burning, waters are flooding…

What is happening? Why is there so much upheaval? What should we expect? How will this affect me and my family? Am I changing? Who I am now? Will all this upheaval result in peace and abundance in the world, or domination and oppression? Will there be cataclysmic Earth changes? How do people think and feel about each other?

Personally, I call this (simply or not so simply) “growing pains”. That is: growing pains on a mass scale. We each–as well as the entire planet–are experiencing new, transformative energies–our collective spiritual evolution, up the spiral of ascension–and each of us is noticing personal, societal, and environmental side effects.

The biggest personal side effects that I have noticed for myself are twofold. The first is physical: My glands feel hurt and swollen, especially in my neck/throat. This of course is the seat of the blue chakra, the chakra of Divine expression, of co-creation with God. Growing pains. I am growing into a new relationship with the Creator! Amen. Second, I have been tired. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually tired. I am tired of working with the energy, tired of being bombarded with new energy, tired of noticing such a chasm between my energy and most people’s, tired of having no one to relate with in daily life about this, tired of feeling like I am pulling the 1000 ton weight of humanity up heaven’s stairs.

Everyone’s growing pains are different. Everyone has different side effects. We are all at a unique, individual place in the ascension process, each fulfilling his or her own special purpose…and no one has exactly the same purpose. Yet, we all, together, are a beautiful orchestra, playing our part of an amazing symphony.

The end result of all this growth? All our growing pains?

No one really knows.

But I can tell you two things. 1) now is the time to flippantly disregard that fatigue 2) Our future or so-called “fate” will be determined by all of us together–humanity as a whole–and how we choose to use our free will and our creative faculties of thought and feeling.

We can utilize Love and Light and to integrate the patterns of perfection from the Heart and Mind of God. In other words, the effectiveness of this Light is up to you and me and people everywhere.

If this resonates with you, if you are tired and ready to quit, I am asking you, please… don’t just hang in there. Give it all you’ve got. Now is not the time for wimpy commitment. Now is not the time for half-assed attempts. Now is the time to push through, to be the light you are every moment, every day.

I know. I’ve been wimpy so far this Journey. I’m a fine one to talk. I’ve half assed several days on this Journey. I’ve not followed through on my commitment. I’ve confessed to feeling oh so tired.

And I was told basically the same thing: stop being a wimp. pull yourself up. get to work. 

And so I am. I had to forgive myself for not doing better earlier (though I was doing the best I could), and now I am back on track.

But I/we need you too. Please, please keep going; set the fatigue aside; pull yourself up; keep going; be the light you are, be the love you are, every moment to the best of your ability.

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