Announcements and Prep for Next Journey, with Free Booklet now available

Hello everyone.

Journey of Courage begins in two days! There are exciting things (for me, anyway) going on over here–with some exciting opportunities for you, too.

First: There will be a new voice for you to enjoy. I’ll do an official introduction soon, but for now know this… It will not be susanwithpearls doing the Journey of Courage! And it will be someone devoted to personal and spiritual growth with lots of experience breaking through inner barriers. I am excited!

Second: Susanwithpearls will still be doing a Journey. If you enjoy my voice that much, you may join me via this link: it is free, but you will have to sign up to access it.

Third: both of these steps are the beginning of my own personal Journey of Courage. If you would like to witness me fumbling through the next step of my Journey, I encourage you to come along. I can imagine it will be entertaining, because I am really getting myself deep into some uncharted territory.

Finally: I am- for the first time ever- making the Guiding Thoughts available in advance, as a booklet. You no longer need to wait for me to post the Guiding Thoughts–you may move at your own pace. As always, I am here for you, if you need/want encouragement or support…or a kick in the arse. This link will take you to the document in Dropbox; you may download it from there.

Peace and Love,


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