Hello Everyone!

Today begins Journey of Courage, the second Journey for 2019. I am very thankful you are here!

For the first time ever, there will be a new voice guiding you through the Journey. I’d like to introduce you to Mary Wallace:

Mary Wallace  – who is she? She is a wife (39 years married to Steve) and living in the Seattle area. She is a mother (son Mark is 48 and living in Colorado).  Among other things, she has been employed in medical research, financial planning, airline management, clowning and hospice comfort therapy. Today she is none of these things. She is a massage therapist currently looking to muster the courage to redefine herself yet again and wondering how many lifetimes she can live in a single life-line. Today she simply is.

This is Mary’s next step of courage! She has not before done a public Journey, so I ask you all to support and encourage Mary, as she takes her steps. Thank you, Mary!

Also, for the first time ever, I’m providing the Guiding Thoughts in advance, so that you may follow along at your own pace. Please view/download the PDF here.

Now, we begin! Let’s go get us some courage 🙂


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