Let There Be Light! –Journey of Courage 02.09.09

Guiding Thought

Contemplation / Reflection

Lightness! I love it! I live where winters are mostly grey and wet and days are short. When the sun shines, like today, I rejoice in the sunlight, and I feel lighter. This seems to be true for most of the people who live here.  I consider myself a being of light and often wonder that I have landed in this environment for so many years.  So when the change to autumn and winter darkness comes, I kind of hibernate a bit. Each year it gets easier to “sit peacefully in a still place of nothingness” as life moves around me.  I also find it easier to practice “mindfulness” in the peacefulness of my home.  I’ve had a tendency to “multi task”, doing several things simultaneously. In the quiet peace, I’m much more able to be mindful of one thing at a time. When I eat, I try to savor the food and not just chew it down while I focus on laundry or a phone chat. When I practice artful projects, they turn out much better if I’m in the stillness of the project in my hands.  I’m certainly not perfect at this peaceful still place of nothingness, but that’s why it’s called “practice”!


Guest Contributor Mary Wallace






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