A Very High State of Being–Journey of Courage 02.09.10

Guiding Thought

I am aware, I allow, and I accept What Is. I go within to my silent Self which Knows and follow my Inner Wisdom to Truth. I practice Divine Balance in thought, word and action. I Am! I Am my Self! I Am my self of Love.

Contemplation / Reflection

Allowing What Is, is sometimes a very difficult thing for me. If the only thing permanent is change, why can’t I focus my Self of Love on changing the things I don’t “like”? Then I remind myself that you first have to love, or at least accept, What Is.  Yes, I can accept or allow What Is, sometimes reluctantly.  But if things truly are What Is, I may as well accept or allow. In the moment, What Is may be an illness, lack of financial resources, high levels of homelessness, political circumstances that I’d rather be Is Not.  What Is, is in the now, in this moment. And by the time I write this, it’s already What Was.  Hmmm, gotta love that!! Well, yes, gotta love what is, as well as what is not.  I don’t really understand what I’m experiencing around this Guiding Thought. One wisdom teacher in my life, though, said understanding is the “booby prize” and “confusion is a very high state of being”. With this one, I’m choosing to accept What Is, that I don’t have all the answers and it’s okay to allow myself to live in the open question. As for this response to Day 10, it is what it is!


Guest Contributor Mary Wallace






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