Compliment? Or Offense? –Journey of Courage 02.09.12

Guiding Thought

When you attune your mind to the Oneness that is All of Life, you understand your place in Wholeness. You are the very Presence of Life, and this Presence of Life is you! You are blessed through this understanding. In return you bless all you encounter.

Contemplation / Reflection

I do my best to stay tuned to my place in Wholeness. Every once in a while, I get knocked upside the head when my ego sneaks out in ways I don’t even see.  Recently I thought I was paying a friend a compliment, a blessed comparison with my mother who is no longer on the planet.  Imagine my surprise when, shortly after, I received a message from this friend letting me know she was offended by what I’d said.  What she heard was very different than the message I thought I was communicating. When I “bless all I encounter”, I need to be certain I’m actually fully understanding my role in and as “the Presence of Life”. Fortunately, I am blessed with friends who will communicate their feelings of hurt or offense, so that we can clarify intent and retain the deeply loving and trusting relationships we share.  But, what about those others with whom I don’t share this same level of intimacy and clear communication? How many times in this life have I unwittingly said the wrong thing, or failed to say the right thing? How many times have I, without my knowledge, failed to acknowledge a kind act done toward me, or a kind word said?  I’ll never know the answer to that. The very best I can do is stay present and “stay tuned”.


Guest Contributor Mary Wallace






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One thought on “Compliment? Or Offense? –Journey of Courage 02.09.12

  1. Thank you, Mary. I think about this type of thing a lot, also: what is someone else perceiving? How are they interpreting my actions/words? I know that there are many things I will never know; I will never have access to someone else’s thoughts, or to the effect my words or actions have. For me this has resulted in two approaches. 1) do my very best to be “right” with myself, maintaining my own conscience, integrity, and purity to the extent I am able. 2) do my very best to interpret/perceive another’s behavior or words in Light. Afterall, if what I see is a reflection of “me”, if I am seeing something “negative”, what does my perception say about what I am looking for, what I am inviting, and what I am willing to allow into my experience?


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