Surprise! –Journey of Courage 02.09.13

Guiding Thought

Love is unconditional. Choose to be unconditionally devoted to the Love which is unconditionally devoted to you! Embrace life in Love as your true nature. Connect with All in Love. Stand boldly in your heart-center unwavering in your dedication to Unity of Life in Love.

Contemplation / Reflection

Today I’m only doing this because I said I would. But that’s reason enough.  I’ve been on the couch under a blanket today sharing this body with a bug.  Sharing my body with an alien being, isn’t THAT unconditional Love?! Trying to keep in mind that every living thing (bugs included) is my relation. That definitely puts a humbling challenge to my “unwavering dedication to Unity of Life in Love”. I’ve learned (yet again) that sitting in quiet meditation ALLOWS for peacefulness in this special sharing with my buggy brethren! I thought, as I read this Guiding Thought, that there wouldn’t be much connecting with all in Love. Without leaving the house, I wouldn’t be having any connecting at all.  BUT, that’s only if I limit my perception to include face-to-face encounters with other HUMAN beings. In fact, I have encountered many, many beings today, including anyone out there reading this, and any in here sharing this body today. So, my total and unconditional love to you ALL!


Guest Contributor Mary Wallace






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