Nap Time! –Journey of Courage 02.09.16

Guiding Thought

Be responsible! Be able to respond with and through conscious awareness of your inner-centered, silent knowingness. Practice Knowingness moment by moment. Anchored in your inner-harmony, have the courage to face your own thoughts and actions.

Contemplation / Reflection

I have a cold. I thought I was over it and then, BAM, back to coughing and sniffling today. Hmpf.  I find I need to be careful not to run an old number.  I used to always ask “what is it about me that attracted this bug? What’s WRONG with me?” After all, if I were perfectly connected to my inner Knowingness, I’d be too spiritually evolved to catch a simple cold – right?!  Wrong! That kind of self-talk is pure ego. If I ask a question about the cold these days, the question is more likely to be “what needs loving now?” Have to admit, it was easy to love taking a nap, like a cat, in the full sunshine coming through the living room window this afternoon! It’s also easy to be grateful that my schedule these days allows for me to take that nap without feeling guilty about other “important” things I “should” be doing. But, I’m still “facing my thoughts”, that I’d rather NOT have a cold. And then there are the actions – allopathic cold remedies? Naturopathic cold remedies? Energy healer remedies? Just watching how my mind juggles those options is enough sometimes to make me exhausted. The remedy? Rest and clear the mind! Think I’ll go take another nap!


Guest Contributor Mary Wallace






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