Love and Teddy Bears –Journey of Courage 02.09.17

Guiding Thought

Love is strong! Powerful! Embrace Love and wield it through your awareness of Oneness. Oneness destroys the illusions of the mind, of the past, and of the material world. Move forward courageously with Peace in the Truth of Love and Oneness.

Contemplation / Reflection

Love is strong! Powerful! As I pondered this Guiding Thought, I just kept coming up with “I got nothin!” So my husband brought out my favorite teddy bear, suggesting I might find some inspiration there. I’ve had a special teddy bear for many years. Not always the same bear. I seem to have a habit of passing them on to others when I perceive they would benefit someone more than me. And I got to thinking about the role of teddy bears in my world. I once spent six weeks in a hospital. I was given a bear I named “Hugs”. Hugs was with me every minute of every day during one of the more challenging periods of my life. “Kisses” is a teddy bear that supported me through cancer treatments. Teddy bears will listen to any tears, frustrations, anger and fear, and never talk back, never judge, never contradict, never argue. .. Love is like that. No matter the challenges faced, love simply IS.  Hugs went to a new home when a friend needed a hug. Same with Peppermint. Kisses still hangs out with me. Yes, love is strong, but it can also be gentle and quietly supportive, like a teddy bear. I look around my home and see houseplants, paintings, photographs, trees, cards from friends. Everywhere I look, signs of love. Ever present, demanding nothing but to let it be. There’s great power in that!

Guest Contributor Mary Wallace






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2 thoughts on “Love and Teddy Bears –Journey of Courage 02.09.17

  1. co-incidence ? i wrote this the other pity party.but significant for you ,i hope,my daughter.
    i hold my teddy bear close-the steiff one that needs mending-straw hanging from his paws.eyes clear but so disabled
    i havent held a baby that way for 50 years or more..he was crying- so sad. “its too bad.” nobody loved you enough to care for you. i empathized and i cried inside…me it was as well.
    calling out for love,for familiarity,for friendship. someone to just hold me in an honest jesture of affection. no words,no deeds..just hold.the comparison is almost anti-climactic,the reality-stark,the outcome-compassion. lovingly,i will repair him.carefully he will be pampered. interiorly he will feel and know he has worth. from my side,i will know it too,but i will know not who.


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