Symbolic Reminders of Love –Journey of Courage 02.09.18

Guiding Thought

Allow yourself to connect with your pure Inner Divine Heart of Oneness. Be aware of the expression of the Divine Heart through you, as you. Connect with your heart, and be aware of embodying its pure Love intention for All. Be filled with Joy as I embrace my heart’s Love.

Contemplation / Reflection

Ombre Purple MalaSometimes I wear a mala. Sometimes I wear a bracelet of meditation beads. Sometimes I carry an angel in my pocket. Actually, it’s a small coin-like object with the image of an angel on it. Rosewood With Amber Wrist MalaSometimes I give that angel away, knowing there are more of these symbols at home waiting for me to share them. Angels, or prayer beads, or crystals, or other symbols, they are simply that, symbols, not the “real thing”. Each such symbol stands to remind me of the expression of Divine Heart through me. While I hold these things as precious, in reality they are all basically triggering mechanisms.  They are there to remind me of my connection with my heart. Well, not just my heart, but a higher source of love, light and joy in my life. I am a massage therapist and these types of items help to remind me that, when I share massage with a client, it’s not ME, but “pure love intention” doing the massage. The massage or Reiki touch comes THROUGH me, not FROM me. In the vernacular of the “woo-woo” world, I suppose I might be considered a “channel” of healing touch. Yes, I did the homework, I studied the anatomy, took the exams, qualified for the license.  But, ultimately, I would contend that “it’s not ME”. It’s the joy and Love that any of us can connect with at any time and in any place. It’s magical  — and yet, it has the potential to be so mainstream. A “healer” doesn’t so much do healing, as they open the space for a person to tap into their own healing abilities. And when I’m in touch with that, I cannot help but be joyful and to wish that All of us would tap into that Divine Love and joy. What a blessed world it is, when we practice that connection!

Guest Contributor Mary Wallace






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