Chaos and Quiet –Journey of Courage 02.09.20

Guiding Thought

Be aware, allow, accept What is. Go within to your silent Self which Knows and follow your Inner wisdom to Truth. Practice Divine Balance in thought, word, and action. You are! You are your Self! You Are your Self of Love!

Contemplation / Reflection

Chaos and quiet. Went for a stroll through the local botanical garden on this sunny, spring-like afternoon. The garden is under the flight path of planes leaving the large international airport. They’re loud. Add to that a couple of trucks with loud mufflers and a motorcycle and you have noisy chaos. In only a minute, the vehicles and the plane are all long gone. I’m now standing on the edge of the pond in the Japanese garden section and all is peacefully quiet. I am aware. I allow the noise, what choice do I have?  And now I stand in the inner and outer stillness. I breathe deeply.  I am my Self aware of both chaos and quiet. And I love the balance of it! One of my favorite songs from years past was titled “Delicate Balance”.  A part of the lyrics: “it’s all such a delicate balance, as it turns through the circles of air. To live it is real, to love it is to feel that you’re a part of what everything is.” Delicate balance, divine balance, chaos and quiet…………

Guest Contributor Mary Wallace






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