What a Beautiful Day! –Journey of Courage 02.09.22

Guiding Thought

When we attune our minds to the Oneness that is All of Life, we understand our place in Wholeness. We are the very Presence of Life, and this Presence of Life is us. We are blessed through this understanding. In return, we bless all we encounter.

Contemplation / Reflection

Blessings today are plentiful. It was exceptionally warm here, 78 degrees and pure, golden, glorious sunshine. This was a record warm day for March, and also the warmest “winter” day (spring doesn’t officially arrive until tomorrow), on record. When a day like this happens here in the Pacific Northwest, suddenly EVERYONE understands their place in Wholeness. Everyone is smiling and blessing all they encounter. Everyone is Present, mostly outdoors. Doors and windows of homes are opened after a winter of stuffiness, and our homes are Wholeness and Presence and Life. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all hold onto this happy, blessed, amazing gratitude EVERY day, despite the weather?! Unfortunately, if this amazing brightness and Lightness lasts for more than a few days, people will begin to grumble about it being “too hot”. How sad. In all I think, say, and do, may I be among those who continue to bless each day!


Guest Contributor Mary Wallace






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Journey of Beauty Begins April 18!

Apr 18 Preliminary day Introduction: Why A Journey of Beauty (02.10.0)
Apr 19 Preliminary day Commitment and Dedication (02.10.00)

Apr 20 – 29 Days 01-10 Round One (02.10.01-10)
Apr 30 – May 9 Days 11-20 Round Two (02.10.11-20)
May 10 – 19 Days 21-30 Round Three (02.10.21-30)
May 20 – 29 Days 31-40 Round Four (02.10.31-40)

May 30 – June 8 Reflection days Gently care, de-fuse, and write one day of reflection on the Journey (02.10.41)

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