Wholeness in Pieces –Journey of Courage 02.09.32

Guiding Thought

When I attune my mind to the Oneness that is All of Life, I understand my place in Wholeness. I am the very Presence of Life, and this Presence of Life is me. I am blessed through this understanding. In return I bless all I encounter.

Contemplation / Reflection

This was a day of “wholeness” in pieces. Today was a great day and I FEEL Oneness and Wholeness!  Been thinking a bit about the attachments we make to things and the freedom and lightness that comes from letting go of those attachments.  My sister-in-law moved recently. She was in a very urban, traffic-jammed, run-down apartment where she had lived for over 25 years. Today was the day for the final exit inspection of the place she’d vacated. After 25 years of a dead-end routine, depression and a disability diagnosis, the place was in less than pristine condition. She was terrified, and feeling insecure about the process and asked that someone in the family accompany her as her advocate. I “was elected”. It didn’t begin well, with the inspector not showing up anywhere nearly on time. My sister-in-law was feeling angry, discounted, disrespected. I’d been visualizing this event, but only the actual inspection itself. And that part went very smoothly. While they still need to send her the paperwork, I believe that penalties, if any, will be slight compared to the disaster she had been fearful of. While I didn’t particularly WANT to be the advocate, I now understand that it was the Presence of Life that put me in this role. It was my place in Wholeness to be there to speak kindly to the inspector, to speak reassuringly to my sister-in-law, to simply “hold the space” for a positive outcome.  In retrospect, I was in the right place to bless this encounter and to assist her in letting go of attachment to this place and the negative experiences it represents to her. She drove more than two hours home to her new place. Instead of heavy traffic in a densely populated area, “home” for her is now surrounded by lush fields, astounding mountain peaks, deer outside her windows and breathtaking waterways nearby. All of this at a significant reduction in rent and other expenses. And when I arrived home, my husband had sold a truck he’d been attached to for several years. There’s an open space in front of our house that’s free of that attachment. I had a place in the Wholeness of this day. I am blessed, and in return I offer blessings and gratitude for all of the encounters of this day.

Guest Contributor Mary Wallace






Secondary Reading

Here is a great article on “holding space”: https://heatherplett.com/2015/03/hold-space/

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