The Grass Is… –Journey of Courage 02.09.34

Guiding Thought

I am safe in Divine Love’s assurance. I have the courage to face the ignorance and illusions within myself and root them out. I allow the Light of Love to enter my mind and heart. Divine Love shines within me destroying anything false, transforming me from within.

Contemplation / Reflection

My best friend is on a river cruise in the Netherlands. For only a moment, I thought I was jealous. I wanted to be there with her, sharing an amazing experience. The next moment, Divine Light shines, and I was able to “root out” that thought and cheer for her. I’m glad her life is so blessed. What an opportunity! She flew there in business class and the riverboat holds only 136 passengers. She’ll be treated royally. I know she will have a memorable experience and I’m very happy for her. Early this morning, the fog rolled in. I thought “oh no, a damp day.” Then I heard the fog horns. I LOVE the sound of the foghorns over the water when I’m snuggled warm in my bed. And, of course, the fog lifted and it’s a glorious, sunny day. We walked in the local botanical garden and witnessed the blooming of rare “black” trilliums. I also took photos of black grass. Despite our illusions, MY illusions, the grass is NOT always greener somewhere else! And green grass isn’t necessarily the best grass!

It’s easy, sometimes, to think “it’s going to be a bad day”, when Divine Love jumps in and shows us it may have been just a “bad” moment. Maybe even that moment wasn’t “bad”. It was simply a harbinger of “good” things to come. Things I wouldn’t necessarily recognize as “good”, if I hadn’t had the thought of “bad”. It’s all part of living in a world where we have the illusion of duality. Can’t have dark without light. Can’t have up without down. Can’t have good without bad. And it’s all just labels and illusion. The truth is, it just IS!

Guest Contributor Mary Wallace






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Apr 19 Preliminary day Commitment and Dedication (02.10.00)

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