Shining Light on “False Boundaries” –Journey of Courage 02.09.35

Guiding Thought

I am ready and willing, here and now, to be courageous. I release my mind’s idea of security, of “right” and of “wrong”. I allow my personality to dissolve and to become One with the Love that is everywhere. All false boundaries evaporate like mist in the sun as I devote myself to the oneness of Love.

Contemplation / Reflection

“I am not a morning person.” My thought as I awakened this morning. My husband was already up, dressed, and off running errands. Then the thought “who says I’m not a morning person?” The answer, of course, is I SAY SO, and so it is. I think about all the years that I “allowed my personality to dissolve” and showed up at work by seven AM. It feels like “my personality” would prefer to stay up late, and then to sleep in a bit. BUT, I have been courageous about dissolving that in the past. SO, I’m going to challenge myself to do so again. I WILL get up a bit earlier, and go to bed a bit earlier. As summer approaches and the sun rises earlier and earlier, it will be easier and easier for me to do so too. Gradually, I’ll return to being a “morning person”. By this time next month, I’ll be up, have coffee and be at the swim pool in time to begin my day with a water exercise class. So I look at what other illusionary beliefs I hold about myself that I think it might be beneficial to change. Since retiring from decades of deskwork, I’ve been doing a wonderful job of avoiding paperwork as evidenced by the stacks of paper on my desk. Do I have the courage to change to a belief that I handle all paperwork promptly and easily? While my home is “clean enough”, do I have the courage to transition to “a place for everything and everything in its place” – no clutter? We’ll see. But without these Guiding Thoughts shining light on these “false boundaries” I’ve set for myself, I wouldn’t, even now, be considering finding the courage to “evaporate” them. As I’ve been writing these thoughts these past weeks, I’ve learned that I AM strong, I AM courageous, and I am devoted to the oneness of Love. And I would LOVE a tidy desk and a morning workout in the local swim pool.


Guest Contributor Mary Wallace






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Journey of Beauty Begins April 18!

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Apr 20 – 29 Days 01-10 Round One (02.10.01-10)
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May 30 – June 8 Reflection days Gently care, de-fuse, and write one day of reflection on the Journey (02.10.41)

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