Journey of Beauty Begins TOMORROW!

Greetings Everyone!

First, I would like to thank Mary Wallace for her fantastic dedication and work in doing and completing Journey of Courage. I found Mary’s writing so poignant–just a few words said so much with beauty (!) and elegance. I was inspired by how Mary applied her daily experiences, memories, and known behaviors to the Journey. And, I was thrilled to read that the Journey acted as a springboard for her to continue her journey with refreshed enthusiasm and dedication.

Journey of Beauty begins tomorrow, and I am happy to announce that there will be another guest taking the Journey. Her name is Lita Artis, and I will be making a formal introduction later today.

Journey of Beauty is now available as a free book.
You no longer need to wait for the Guiding Thoughts to be posted here daily–you may move at your own pace. This link will take you to the document in Dropbox; you may download it from there.

I accept donations and gifts via paypal: Thank you for the energy exchange!

Here is the schedule:

Apr 18 Preliminary day Introduction: Why A Journey of Beauty (02.10.0)
Apr 19 Preliminary day Commitment and Dedication (02.10.00)
Apr 20 – 29 Days 01-10 Round One (02.10.01-10)
Apr 30 – May 9 Days 11-20 Round Two (02.10.11-20)
May 10 – 19 Days 21-30 Round Three (02.10.21-30)
May 20 – 29 Days 31-40 Round Four (02.10.31-40)
May 30 – June 8 Reflection days Gently care, de-fuse, and write one day of reflection on the Journey (02.10.41)

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