Inner Beauty –Journey of Beauty 02.10.02

Guiding Thought

What is inner Beauty? How do I recognize it in others? How do I recognize it in myself? How do I cultivate inner beauty, especially when there are questions about what it is and how to recognize it?

Reflection / Contemplation

I wonder if inner beauty is just that? It is just because it exists; we exist.  I recognize it in what is around me, in others, and even myself. I am inclined to think it exists even when it is not of my focus.
Last summer I participated in a course on the Spectrum of Love which over the course of a week’s time took us through a meditative process of engaging objects, people (including ourselves) and situations.  We started out very simply, with observation and moved through a myriad of states of recognition, acknowledgement, and others on the way to Love at the end. It was a building exercise that started small by way of awareness of location and engagement that eventually included the difficult and challenging areas of our lives (people and situations), both personal and on the world stage.
I came away from this course with a reinforced understanding that all things, beings, people, etc., have some inherent Beauty in their very existence. I was presented with an opportunity to notice and take the experience deeper if I so chose.
There is an apple tree outside of my studio. I am lucky enough to have it in view throughout a portion of my treatment sessions.  And right now the blossoms are in early bloom. In the last few years I have really paid attention to the cycles of the seasons and the steady and varied expressions of this tree. What I really admire about this tree is its ability to be and stay a tree. When I remember, or move into an awareness, I send appreciative thoughts to this tree. We had a bumper crop last summer. Was this tree saying “thank you” back to me?
Back to the cultivation of inner beauty, it requires that intention and attention that I wrote about yesterday. That is the action piece, the day to day work. The how varies. But underneath all that, I have to choose to do it. Like that tree, I know I will get something in return.

Guest Contributor Lita Artis







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Here is the schedule:

Apr 18 Preliminary day Introduction: Why A Journey of Beauty (02.10.0)
Apr 19 Preliminary day Commitment and Dedication (02.10.00)
Apr 20 – 29 Days 01-10 Round One (02.10.01-10)
Apr 30 – May 9 Days 11-20 Round Two (02.10.11-20)
May 10 – 19 Days 21-30 Round Three (02.10.21-30)
May 20 – 29 Days 31-40 Round Four (02.10.31-40)
May 30 – June 8 Reflection days Gently care, de-fuse, and write one day of reflection on the Journey (02.10.41)

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