Journey of Creation Coming SOON!

Thank you all for your patience.

Journey of Creation was supposed to have begun on June 8. Obviously, that did not happen.

Life happens, as they say. And when it does–not as planned– we must adjust, adapt, and be flexible. And so it is with Journey of Creation.

Journey of Creation will begin June 20!

And introducing a NEW Guest Blogger! (soon!)

More details soon, but let me say that I am very excited about how the Journeys are going. I am meeting so many new friends, building relationships, and seeing myself reflected in the words and musings of “others”. Their Journey is my Journey, and I anticipate that Journey of Creation will continue this trend. How beautiful to find resonance in All.

Journey of Creation Booklet will also be available SOON. Stay tuned.

Love to you all. Get ready for another amazing Journey.

Here’s the updated schedule for the rest of the year:


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