Final Reflection –Journey of Beauty 02.10.41

At the end of each Journey, as the ideas from the Journey integrate themselves into your new way of being, there is one final reflection to solidify them within you. Here is Lita’s final reflection for Journey of Beauty.
My companions for Beauty this past week have been pause and percolation. I have found it hard not to let my mind wander back to Beauty’s stated importance in my life. While Relationship, Awe, and Appreciation still remain true for me at this Journey’s end, I must now add Essence and Accountability.
Like the previous writer on the Journey of Courage, I, too, am attending to serious sorting and cleaning. My efforts at this may seem on the surface a bit different, but now I am not so sure. Cleaning at our house is, in part, motivated by the sorting the last remains of our mother’s belongings, most of which have been distributed amongst my siblings, but there are some boxes and such which were put aside. Now the rush is on for us to empty her house and ready it for new occupants.
The sorting process is not limited to my mother’s belongings; it is also what is in my house which needs a good going through. So, as we sort through her stuff, we are sorting through ours as well. Do I/we really need or use all of this “stuff”.
The Beauty Project for me has offered the same kind of sorting process, this time on the inner planes. I pulled up the word, Essence, because both of these efforts, writing and physical sorting/clearing, involve my attention as to what really matters. I have more clarity in my heart and mind. I now get to translate that to my house and my life.
Accountability is also up, an offshoot, I suspect, from my relationships. In this period of reflection I celebrated a birthday. My good friends and family are holding me accountable to my own shining and creative endeavors. They will be sure to ask how and when I have used their gift, the given item, which, is of course, in service to Beauty. Now that I know what place Beauty has in my life, what am I going to do with it?
Both Essence and Accountability have a quality of urgency to them now, especially at this juncture. How apt that the next Journey is that of Creation.  I trust I am on my way.

Tomorrow, we welcome Amy Castillo as the guest blogger for Journey of Creation. A new voice, a new perspective. I am very excited to watch Amy’s Journey, while experiencing my own.

Here is the link to the book for Journey of Creation, a free PDF download. Use it to follow along, taking your own Journey, as Amy leads the way.

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