In Touch with the Truth –Journey of Creation 02.11.01

Guiding Thought

Love is everything. Perfect Love is Original Source, from whence I came. I return to the awareness of the Love I AM by simply releasing anything and everything which inhibits my consciousness of my True Self. I release those inhibitors now, and Know myself as the Love I AM.

Reflection / Contemplation

Today is my birthday! The Love that I am has been present on the planet for 51 years! Memories from childhood remind me that I have been in touch with this truth all along, yet other memories trigger grief that I lost sight of it. The Love that I, and all others are, is a fact I interact with throughout each day. I talk to the Love that I am in my body cells. I breathe into the Love with intention and my breath takes on a companions weight. Each healing session I facilitate, Love is the main focus. Love Is. We can attempt to block it, we can attempt to hide it and hide from it. We can ingest fear to a gluttonous degree yet can never extinguish the Love that we are. It is our Origin.

My devotion to the Love that I am has taught me that the power of the Love I am transcends what I have been taught by this reality. The Love that I am, it’s potency and precision are my radiant life force, ever-present.

My vibrational frequency, heart, mind, body and consciousness all resonate with this truth.

I am Love.

Guest Contributor Amy Castillo

Amy Castillo. In the yurt with two grand babies.








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One thought on “In Touch with the Truth –Journey of Creation 02.11.01

  1. Reflection
    I had a bit of a >Doh!Doh! of course they are!<

    Yeah, I haven't yelled at myself like that in a while.

    The association was with my mantra practice that I have committed to. The Guiding Thoughts act as the intention for the mantra. Then the mantra-energy becomes directed toward the intention…

    And you know what that means? Creation.


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