Love is My Highest Value –Journey of Creation 02.11.08

Guiding Thought

What do I value? How much do I value it? When I clarify these questions, I establish the value of my goal. I then consciously bring this value to all my thoughts and actions, measuring my behavior against the criteria set by my values. The means for accomplishment reveal themselves as I clarify my intentions.

Reflection / Contemplation

When Trump was elected, I spent days in agony. It seemed like a dam had been breeched and I watched in horror as venom infected the land!

Working as a massage therapist, politics was not a topic I allowed into the sacred healing space. What was coming through my door wasn’t political opinion–it was deep wounding from indignant righteousness. There was no one side or political party. What I saw was that everyone had lost their minds and hearts!

One client and her husband were heading for divorce, another had almost lost her lease where she conducted her business because she had displayed her political affiliation and was being victimized for it. What the heck was happening to all of us?

At that point I remembered my own value and importance.

If I succumb to the darkness I/we are in a lot of trouble!

This is when I declared kindness as my highest value.

I took a deep dive and turned my volume up! It yielded incredible results. This morning I went into meditation with the idea that I knew what was coming…and, of course, I was mistaken.

What I saw when turning within was a soil profile with a highlight on the bedrock. I asked for clarification, possibly another perspective. What came next was an all encompassing Light that communicated the Power, Presence and ferocity of Love! The blast was intense and a bit frightening, if I’m honest.

I have believed for years that Love is all there is, Love is God, Love has no opposite. Today’s blast of Light brought that Truth to every fiber of my Being. The time is not for lip service or fluff. The time is now to walk through this life as the Love that has no opposite.

My Light education today came with the challenge of reevaluating what that lives as. Spending these past few years focusing on kindness has helped me to redefine kindness. I have found that kindness doesn’t always mean agreement, isn’t always about others. Redefining kindness has meant an entirely new definition of who I am and how I move in my world.

I’m a bit shaky in this moment. Not quite trembling with fear yet the magnitude has me shaken. I am clear I have just stepped into a new relationship-a core, bedrock level relationship, with Love. My prayer is to surrender to it. Yield to its carving of my existence. Today I declare my intention to live and breathe Love in all of my thoughts, actions and interactions with all of life. I am being called deeper into all there is. Love is my highest value.

Guest Contributor Amy Castillo

Amy Castillo. In the yurt with two grand babies.









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