Mind Blown. Zapped. Not Able to Return –Journey of Creation 02.11.06

Guiding Thought

When my mind and will are free, they recognize only truth. My mind and will are free in the Knowledge of union with Perfect Love. When I am in the state of One Mind and Will of Perfect Love, I create freedom and truth for myself and All.

Reflection / Contemplation

Awe. Allowance. Infinite Possibilities.

Turning within I discovered the most potent shaft of Light–I mean like an enormous elevator shaft! It’s potency sizzled! It was an alive Light that catapulted me into a state of awe I hadn’t yet experienced. The awe was experienced physically–like struck with awe!

My small mind was blown quiet.

I asked it to be my scribe for this journey.

I was in the presence of One mind.

It was like I had opened into a high voltage power plant. For some time I was stunned by this Presence. Such beauty and power to behold! Breathing and allowance of the possibility of this magnitude shifted things and I began moving into It. From the inside it reminded me of a bug zapper! I could see debris like litter blowing in the wind yet when it got near to the edges, the litter was instantly destroyed-instantly! No judge and jury or reasoning, just poof-gone. I imagined that litter to be anything we create as other than this Source, Perfect Love.

As witness, I was experiencing it through my humanness and my Divinity, giving me a unique perspective.

We play so small!

We want to believe in this, work to be in It yet spend SO much time fretting over minutiae. This potency Is and we are in union with It! It Is and we are able to be in It if we can allow that possibility. That litter was all the fear–it’s funny isn’t it? I’ve spent 50 years trying to be good enough to be in union with something that doesn’t even have that measure up framework!

This Power exists and is operating whether we agree with/align with It. Infinite Possibility is its language. I was able to sense every connection–Heart, Mind, Will. This is the gateway to every expression of Its manifestation.

My alarm rang that I had set for my meditation time. I instantly tipped over and lay face down on the floor! My physical body right now is still buzzing from the top of my head through to my blazing heart, solar plexus and through my feet! My mind-Amy’s mind-has been blown and some bits have been zapped, not able to return. I’m writing this from the floor-grateful to be struck by the awe of all We are.

The me that gets up is anew in the freedom of the Truth ❤

Guest Contributor Amy Castillo

Amy Castillo. In the yurt with two grand babies.









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