Reclaiming the “Land Within” –Journey of Creation 02.11.10

Guiding Thought

There are no degrees of Love. Love is Whole, Full, and Perfect. Love in action is Creation; Love’s creations are Whole, Full, and Perfect. When I express Love, I am being creative in the Truest sense. Creativity is Love in action, and produces activities, relationships, and experiences which are Whole, Full, and Perfect.

Reflection / Contemplation

My heart is speaking as I write the prompt on my paper even before closing my eyes. It’s telling me to have courage! Courage to live in that raw Love state.

I know it is my nature yet the walls built to protect that nature are up tall this morning.

I’m experiencing a dread as I begin to put my pen down and turn within. I will now place my hands on my heart and breathe into it, inviting Truth to speak to me.

Upon turning within it seemed like I had entered a burial ground. There was a desolate feeling. It seemed lifeless, the color grey permeated , the land and sky matched with no distinction. Thick, ghost like clouds were coming from the soil. A wave of deep grief struck me. The grief was from the sorrow of regret.

Creation is Love in action. Manipulation is fear in action.

The Me that is Perfect Love is a strong presence here. As the sun is always present even though the clouds can obscure it from view. My small self who has engaged in relationships and experiences from a less than perspective is grieving.

Tears flowed down my face as I allowed the Truth of Perfect Love to shine into this desolate land. Free will dictates its entry. I merely need to acknowledge what is, ask for It and receive Love. Ghost of mis-creation lift and evaporate. Color begins to return. The Light shines a gentle pink and a mist begins. The nourishing water of Love in form. I felt my whole Being like a sponge soaking up the saturating Love mist.

New Life. Hope filled life yielding possibilities saturated my Being. What has been is no longer in existence. Love in action is Creation. I am co-creator. Reclaiming this land within me, this space that held the unforgiven fears, was the work of today.

As I write, my clarity speaks in a new language, steeped in Truth. I am free in Love. I am safe in Love. I step forward today knowing the Amy that is will co-create her Life with Perfect Love.

Guest Contributor Amy Castillo

Amy Castillo. In the yurt with two grand babies.









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