Transformation in Love –Journey of Creation 02.11.02

Guiding Thought

When I am aware of my own consciousness as Perfect Love, I am aware of everything as Love, and of Love as everything. In this state of awareness, I create naturally and easily in unison with Perfect Love, with all of existence.

Reflection / Contemplation

Last summer I learned about an ancient Buddhist meditation practice, Tonglen. In it you breathe in the pain and suffering of others and breathe out what would support and comfort. Basically I breathed in the pain I saw, and what was matching within me and breathed out compassion, love, and peace for all humankind. My life had done a polar flip, the proverbial rug had been pulled out from beneath my feet. I found myself with an opportunity to embrace groundlessness. This practice began as a way for me to get a bit of room from my personal despair and discomfort and support the global I AM-at the same time. It was life saving and life changing. Perfect Love is what we innately are, in my belief. Otherness, isolation, silent suffering are all veils to that truth. The willingness to be with others in their suffering and with myself in my own; to name it, partner with it in breath, move into it to be transformed by the willingness to love anyways. This merging with compassion blew open my perspective on love. It began to grow a strength within my soul that became a new backbone. Through it I discovered a visceral relationship with the Love that I am, a unison with all humanity and the potency of grace in action. The thought of Perfect Love was one I believed in, spoke of, possibly even preached to others. Practicing breathing into the fire of my personal pain, connecting with universal suffering and being met with the ultimate Power of Divine Love, was beautifully humbling. Groundlessness now means I am grounded in Divine Love wherever I am. That my attachment to how things have to be has been surrendered and in its place the liberation of Love without conditions is alive in my cell tissue. Perfect Love is the constant conduit of creation. From our origin, throughout this life and beyond.

Guest Contributor Amy Castillo

Amy Castillo. In the yurt with two grand babies.









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