Why –Journey of Creation 02.11.00

Creation. It is as constant as change. For me they are symbiotic. I used to think about destruction and creation-the dichotomy of this reality. Today I think more in terms of creation, change and expansion. I sit today with a family tree that went through a big growth spurt over the past year. Two new son in laws and two babies! Simultaneously I found myself at a cross roads with my expression as a healer. I wasn’t experiencing burn out yet could feel it at the edges creeping in. I finally found the willingness to let go! I had heard internal guidance suggesting I take 2 months off from working on others and to stop seeking healing sessions from the practitioners I had been working with. That second part threw me for an extra loop! They are who guided me, healed me…bingo! Time for a 2 month walk about without a map! That is when I heard about the opportunity to take the Journey of creation-thank you, Source! When I trust you, a wave of love carries me much farther than my human self can fathom! So here I am, at the very beginning. I have an intention to step in open hearted and allow the journey to work me.

Guest Contributor Amy Castillo

Amy Castillo. In the yurt with two grand babies.








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One thought on “Why –Journey of Creation 02.11.00

  1. Why…
    Yesterday, I dedicated this Journey to the Divine Mother. My Why is directly related to this: I want to increase my relationship with the Divine Mother, the Creatrix of the Universe.

    This is the next step in my personal understanding of creating myself as the Divine in the World. “I AM Absolute Reality, existing in Relative Reality, as BOTH Absolute and Relative Reality simultaneously. This (ALL) Existence: I AM. Truth.” Om Tat Sat.


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