What is Your Truth Meter? –Journey of Creation 02.11.09

Guiding Thought

In the Light of Truth, perceptions and non-reality dissipate as fog in the sun. Only Truth is True. When I am aware of my reality in Truth, I understand how flimsy and meaningless are my perceptions. Only the Oneness of the Knowledge of Truth brings Peace.

Reflection / Contemplation

Only Truth is True…
I just spent the last few days in a workshop exploring creation stories. What I came away with predominantly was a desire to list and examine what it is I have been taught to believe, and then, fact check!

Today in meditation there was stillness and Light. My hands are still pulsing from the energy. My heart and my palms feel like they have been on a charger! No words, symbols or metaphors.

The communication today was Light and energy.

We live in a time where small “t” truths are broadcasted everywhere. Opinions posed as truth are used to try to bully, persuade, even enlighten. I find myself stepping back from much that I hear in order to take the space to listen to my own heart. What is True for me?

The sensations within my body are my best Truth meter. My body transcends my mind and impresses the Truth for me. My hands energy today may have been to represent giving and receiving. They are the physical aspect of me that takes in or holds at bay, all that I come in contact with. Discernment is a constant necessity down to what I eat, read, ingest in all forms.

If I truly awaken and utilize my opportunity to be a Spiritual Being having a human experience, a requirement is looking beyond face value and hearsay. I must develop a relationship with my innate…that is my bedrock.

In that, I walk the earth in tune with the Love that I uniquely express, the Love that I Am. I don’t look to you to agree or validate me. I Know. You, uniquely expressing the Love that is your beautiful octave and all other Beings embodying/expressing their unique Love, will create a coherence of being that is Peace on earth.

Guest Contributor Amy Castillo

Amy Castillo. In the yurt with two grand babies.









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