My Beloved and I –Journey of Creation 02.11.11

Guiding Thought

Love is everything. Perfect Love is Original Source, from whence you came. You return to the awareness of the Love YOU ARE  by simply releasing anything and everything which inhibits your consciousness of your True Self. Release those inhibitors now, and Know yourself as the Love YOU ARE.

Reflection / Contemplation

Know yourself as the Love YOU are, my Beloved requests.

I close my eyes and find myself in the middle of a rocky, barren land. I feel slight discomfort from the stones pressing into my flesh yet my body isn’t responding to my plea to adjust. Where am I? As I look around there are few clues. The land is vast and flat other than a small outcropping of large rocks 30 feet ahead and the pea sized gravel mixed in with sand. The sky is clear blue-not a cloud in it. The sun is shining bright and the time of day I would guess is morning. No physical humans are in sight yet I feel companionship from the sky, sun and land.

What I know of Love is that It is, with no opposite. I am One with All Life. My opportunity here may be to experience that beyond the agreement of belief. Do I consider the sky my brother? The sun my father? Are these just more “story” or can I go into the harmonious vibrations–the alive Light and be one with them?

I sink deeper into my heart Universe and find that yes, I can experience that shared Life frequency.

Being born fourth into a family my entire existence has been in relationship to the others in my environment. My sensitivity to the Love that we are has been ever present though I kept it as my inner secret, sensing the resistance. I encountered the invisible walls they had up. As an empath, my mission was to help them feel better so I could feel better. Which eventually evolved into a form of co-dependency.

Years of healing, boundary work and forgiveness of self and other have cleaned out my proverbial closets and set me free.

Today, here with the sun, sky and land, I have found a similarity that lends itself to compassion. There is an experience of One Being. Their form, not human, helps me in ways to not assign a story to them. The Love that is the sky, the sun, the land is the Love I am. Wildflowers have now appeared! And a stream has seemingly bubbled up from the ground. Where I sit now feels like a carpet of life rather than the baron, rocky ground.

What if it is time to allow a free, wild expression of this life form?

A path has appeared before me. I rise to meet it. Aligned in Oneness, knowing I am guided and inspired, I step onto my sacred path. I see there are sacred women from past manifestation coming forward from within me. It is their journey to move with me in Perfect Love. The sun has now descended to above my head. It’s golden Light as a liquid substance is filling me, loving me, moving me from the inside out! The sky becomes a garment to adorn my physical body, the ground wraps around my feet. I am the alchemy of all that has been, All that is and ever shall be. I choose to embrace the glory of my Being and know my presence. I am willing to accept and allow the Truth of the Love I am. I sense the familiar within the Light and bask in the grace of One. I sense the forest, ocean, planets and stars all cycling within me. My breath connects me and I feel in the timeless, unformed Universe Now.

Beloved, I am here. I am Love. I am YOU.


Guest Contributor Amy Castillo

Amy Castillo. In the yurt with two grand babies.









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